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I am a preschool teacher, a language teacher and a writer, with years language teaching experience. I have a Degree in Advanced Montessori with Early Childhood Care and Education, aimed at 3 to 12 years old children and also a Degree in General Linguistics. I have been working as Preschool Teacher in Dutch primary schools, with toddlers (4-6 y.o.) I just love it! I call my students "My little teachers". Children are very wise and we have so much to learn from them :-) I have taught children, teenagers and adults throughout my teaching years. I have also worked with visually impaired children, children with Down Syndrome and children with Autism. This was one of the greatest experiences in my whole teaching career :-)

I am just crazy about children, preschool teaching, language and writing for children. It is my passion. Language teaching is actually my everyday life. I have a very international background and trajectory because I have lived in different countries and shared different cultures: Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland and Venezuela. Thanks to all this, I have also been a language student myself. So, I know perfectly what it feels to be expat, to learn a (new) language and to integrate in a new country and local community! I know what challenges expat parents and their children face everyday in a new country.

Furthermore, as a mother of multilingual children, I perfectly understand the great value of giving them the wonderful chance to learn a new language and become active part of our multicultural society. Children are natural language miracles! I truly believe that parents should not deny their children the key and the opportunity to make this innate miracle come out and shine :-)

Moreover, I am totally convinced that language opens up lots of useful doors and a whole new world to our children!

Finally, because I care with all my heart about children and their well-being, I proudly support the following national and international organizations:

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