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Juf Julia's children's books are available in English and in Dutch! But... Wouldn't it be better to know a bit more about what Juf Julia's books are about?

Mainly, they talk about a lovely little fluffy ferret called Victor: The sensational, the spectacular, the ideal, the phenomenal Victor the ferret 😊

Yes, Victor is a very nice ferret, a wonderful one, a miracle of nature. He is playful, restless and extremely curious. He loves to be alive; He is crazy about the world and admires all it has to offer to him ❤️

Victor dreams of discovering and conquering the world, and of sharing his thoughts, ideas, and feelings with everyone! He is so full of energy; he feels limitless and he is thirsty for learning. Victor wants to learn as much as he can, because he is really impatient! He's just born to be alive!

Unfortunately, because he is not a conventional house pet, Victor does not fit in any “conventional house pet group”. Victor cannot “talk” the way other pets do… On top of this, he has a very peculiar smell.

Sometimes Victor feels insecure and unworthy, because he is not like other house pets…

“I wish I were a "normal" pet, just like dogs or cats or fishes… But the truth is that I am a ferret”

“But why does being a ferret have to be so complicated? Why can’t I just be accepted for being such a beautiful, smelly, meat eater and restless cute little ferret, a wonder of nature?"

Victor begins a self-discovery and self-acceptance journey, chasing his own self, getting aware of hundreds of new skills and talents, while he is just trying to understand what he is and what he has to offer to his environment ☘️

Moreover, cute little fluffy Victor feels he does not belong anywhere... Simply because he feels he belongs everywhere! Not only to his house and to his loving human family (mom, dad, brother and sister), but he belongs to the whole world!

"I don’t know why but humans seem to feel comfortable clasifying and dividing things in groups, colors, numbers, borders, limits… I think they think this way they have everything “under control”, so they don’t get confused, or scared... I know humans hate to be scared!” Victor thinks.

"But in the end, I think people don’t really fear my tiny teeth… They fear that I am a ferret, and not a “regular” pet… They fear what they don’t understand, what is not familiar to them... Fear and ignorance of the unknown. Am I the “unknown”...?

Victor doesn’t understand why people always have the same pets at home, dogs, cats and even birds!

“Are dogs and cats more worthy or more intelligent than ferrets, just because they are cats or dogs? Why are humans so scared of new, different or of changing?” Victor wonders.

Thousands of whys and questions go around Victor’s little hairy head, and his little round ears are always alert. Adventure and learnings await him everyday, at every moment of his tiny life! And it's a very interesting and rich trip! After all, Victor doesn’t even need to travel all around the world: He has a whole world and a universe within him ready to get discovered… 🌈

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Juf Julia's books are available in Dutch and in English

Juf Julia's books are available at

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More titles will follow! :-)

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